Friday, September 16, 2011

Few things....

1. I have a few older gentlemen admirers. One is a regular attendee of Rotary here at work so I see him every Thursday around 11am. He is gradually getting bolder with me. He has recently told me that my curly hair is sexy and that I have cute feet.

My other fella is around 40 and frequently tells me he wishes I was his wife. He is definitely married.

Who gave old guys the "say whatever you want" pass?

2. My name is not Amber, Ashley, Audrey, Aubry or Aubri. Neither is my last name Wilson. I would hope those who've known me for several years would know all this but apparently not. I would NEVER mispell someone's name. I would feel so bad....its their FREAKING name!!

3. I go on family vacation in exactly one week. I am not currently sold on Disney World but am being told that Disney will prove itself to me and be amazing. Bring it me what you got.

Here's a little peek into every Saturday night of my life :)

1 comment:

  1. Omg!!! Two blog posts in one month?? What is happening?? I love it! And I will never say or spell your name wrong, that is, unless I'm doing it to sass you. ;) Get ready for tomorrow morning's fun Miss Ardery Wilson!!! Hehe..