Saturday, March 12, 2011

And the adventure begins!

I've lived in Corpus Christi for a year now and during this time I have acquired, refurbished, built, and painted an assortment of glorious items! I've gotten so much positive feedback from friends and family about these projects that I've decided to share them with you! My friend, Sara, has been urging me to create a blog for quite some time now, and I figure that this is as good of a time as any! I have no doubt that I will also be documenting my day-to-day adventures as well.

My goal with this blog is not only to showcase my work, but also to get feedback from my readers about these projects. If you ever have any questions about how to create an ottoman, redesign your bathroom, or refurbish a vanity you've bought on Craigslist, I'm your girl! I never really follow a pattern or directions; I make it up as I go! I'm excited to see where both this blog and my creativity take me.

I hope I inspire you to let go of your fear of painting that picture because you can't draw a straight line. Who cares if you can't draw a straight line! It will probably turn out better any way!!

So here's to throwing away the rule book and rockin' it out!!



  1. hey! You went with Some Like it Aubrey! And cool background ;)