Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm itchin to get outside

During the time of my no-job 2009, I spent a lot of time organizing and redecorating the parent's house in Alice. I spent many hours in the closet under the stairs going through tons of wrapping paper, several days organizing the craft room, and about 2 weeks redecorating the game room.

 Finished Game Room

I acquired several director's chairs during this time. Once I cleaned them up, replacing the bright orange fabric was a must. I found and purchased the same sturdy duckcloth in a sweet light blue at Joanns Fabric store. I used the old seat fabric to created my own pattern. Once I made one right, I just had 5 more to go.

I wanted to add something extra and was really into anything monogrammed. I searched for a monogram pattern online and created a stencil. I mixed a clear fabric paint with the pink color I wanted and went after it.

I now have 6 sweet patio chairs. I love to use them during this glorious weather. I used them as my actual furniture in my apartment before I had any.

Thank you my precious grandma, mother, and sisters for all their help with these chairs.